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Living Planet Pledge

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AOL: This is a very abstract one for her: Are you content with your life? That was from Jedi114. I'm very curious to see what she might say to that! We know she might not be able to answer everything, but we're going for it anyway!

(Koko comes back)

PENNY: OK. I can ask that in a different way. Can you come here sweetie and be patient? She's got her back to me. Koko, are you happy?

KOKO: Fine.

AOL: Here's one: Koko, where would you like to visit?

PENNY: That's hard because Koko doesn't travel.

AOL: We were wondering about that.
PENNY: So, her concept of space is very limited compared to even a child, because we really stay here of necessity. So we could ask her if she would like to go to Hawaii.

AOL: Would she like to go to Hawaii?

PENNY: Would you like to go to Hawaii?

KOKO: Look.

PENNY: She says 'look.'

AOL: Me too!

PENNY: : Maybe she'd like to see it first. She actually has travelogs of Hawaii that she looks at on her video machine; travelogs, Hawaii videos. So she has seen it.

AOL: Does she watch TV?

PENNY: Yes, public broadcasting only. Right, so she'd like to look at Hawaii.

KOKO: Think XXX. (XXX - Koko's hand is partially out of frame - possibly 'lie-down.')

PENNY: What do you think about Hawaii? We talk a lot about it.

AOL: Storm 1004 asks: Dear Koko...I've watched you for years now...your gentle spirit is inspiration for many... I'd like to know what you'd like for your birthday.

AOL: What a sweet question!

PENNY: OK. Your birthday is coming up, Koko. What do you want for your birthday? What do you want?

KOKO: Birthday... Food smokes.


PENNY: Well, she sort of signed 'food' and 'smokes.' You have to understand...Smoke is also the sign for her kitten. Her kitty's name is Smoky. So that one could have a double meaning.... Yes, she (does) still have Smoky. She's looking out the window right now, so her back is to me.

AOL: HMBarbari: asks Koko, Have you ever tried to teach your kittens sign language?

PENNY:..Actually, I can tell you that she has not tried to teach them sign language but she has tried to nurse her kittens.

AOL: Wow!

PENNY: It's very important to her. She's 310 lbs. I can't get her to turn around...

AOL: LBratt0n asks, Koko do you have an email address?

PENNY: Koko does have an email address;


The Official WWF 500 Day Celebration to the Millenium begins. Yahoo! is pleased to be an Official Sponsor of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). With 500 days until the year 2000, join WWF and Yahoo! as we celebrate the opportunity to use these remaining days to take action to save life on Earth.Tell decision makers that you care about the environment, and urge them to do their part to stop global warming. Show you care about our planet, and be a part of WWF's 500 Day Celebration countdown to the millenium, by taking the Living Planet Pledge.
To show our appreciation and help you live up to this pledge, you'll receive a free screensaver, pledge certificate, and online action kit that will provide tools and information to help you make a difference. Just read the following then click on the button below. Time is running out to leave our children a living planet. Each of us can make a real difference and help save life on Earth. By taking the Living Planet Pledge, I will:
· Learn more. I will educate myself and others about the many connections between human life and the environment.
· Speak up. I will speak out about the threats facing our wildlife, our wildlands and our planet.
· Take action. I will consider how my everyday actions affect life on Earth, and make planet-healthy choices. I will get involved in efforts to conserve nature where I live.

Do Viruses Control the Oceans?

The general issue which Curtis Suttle and his colleagues are exploring

is stated in title of his article : “Do Viruses Control the Oceans?” He is

referring here to the research he has been involved with, investigating the

role that viruses play in the life and death of unicellular planktonic organisms,

and the wider implications of this oceanic dynamic.

Based on research from the State University of New York at Stony Brook,

and the University of Bergen in Norway, which showed that viruses were

ten times more plentiful in seawater than bacteria (bacterioplankton), Suttle

and his colleagues at the University of British Columbia have explored the

extent of viral infection among the planktonic masses, especially those of

the coastal regions.

By measuring the concentrations of viruses and plankton in coastal waters,

and using mathematical modelling, they concluded that at any given time,

20 percent of the single-celled plankton in the oceans were dying of viral

infection, releasing loads of viral particles as they died. Then, by removing

all viruses from seawater samples and monitoring the effect on the remaining

plankton, they gave evidence that this viral-induced death cycle was essential

for the growth of new planktonic organisms.

Suttle also gives conclusions based on the recent awareness of the pervasive

influence of viruses on the ocean environment. We know that marine viruses

cause die-offs periodically of larger organisms, such as dolphins and seals,

and Suttle questions whether there is possible tranference from terrestrial

viral sources such as cows and dogs. Suttle points out that viruses must play

a significant role in the overall balance of planktonic life, keeping overpopulation

of any one organism in check, and ensuring the diversity of species.

Suttle also leaves us with a significant question, one that may have a profound

bearing on our future here on planet Earth : do marine viruses, and dying plankton,

contribute to greenhouse-effect global warming? There is evidence that some

of the most potent greenhouse gases may be produced in large quantities in the

oceans. There is a converse question which is unstated here… does the industrially

induced global warming contribute to the increase in viral loads in the ocean, and

subsequent planktonic die-offs? Obviously, there awaits very extensive areas

for future research!


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